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I have an Ibill. It's great. Well worth the money. It's read everything I've thrown at it, even worn and crumpled bills. I used to never use cash because it was such a hassle to keep track of what I had. I have no issues now and am happily using cash once again.

Anonymous, on the Internet

After months of bottled up anticipation, I finally got hold of my own iBill. It was only fair that I put it to test. But first, I familiarized myself with the button commands. It's been a month now since I started using the iBill and I must say that it lives up to its advertised promises. As noted by other beta users, it is lightweight, very accurate, and really small compared to other note tellers. There are buttons on either side of the device. Holding down one button, loop through the 3 options of note identification by pressing the other button. Users have a choice of vibrate, tone and voice. My personal preference is the vibrate mode because it gives you more privacy and can identify notes even in noisy environment. Besides, the voice is so soft even at maximum volume. I haven't been so happy with my note identifier till now. The price is the icing on the cake. Bottom line, I'm a happy camper.

Posted on the Hawaii Association of the Blind website

Recently, we had an article on this website about this latest entrant, iBill by Orbit Research, into the assistive technology bank note identifier. What got me was its aggressive pricing - just $99 with very convincing features compared to those we already have in the market. 99.9% Accuracy, 1 second reading, lightweight, small size, portability, 1 AAA battery required, affordable just to name a few. It's interesting to read early users review of this invaluable device. Here's a good one with a downloadable pod cast even.

R Graham (Access Ability)

We blind people should be independent when it comes to our money; I feel that having different sized paper money would be clunky and impractical. All the cash registers would probably have to be redesigned to handle it for starters. Also, though we fold money in our wallets, and that makes it different sizes, when we unfold it to give it to people, itís the same size, making it Easter to handle, at least in my opinion. Also, for about $100, there is a device called the iBill, which, from what Iíve heard on various pod casts, is extremely portable, and can be set to three different modes to identity money: Voice, Vibrate or Tone. I also hear that this device is extremely accurate. Even if you made a transaction somewhere, came home, used this device and found youíd been cheated, you could still call the company deal with the situation. But, you could also take the device with you, and check each bill as itís handed to you. Then, if something didnít seem right, you could deal with it right there. Either way, I feel that this system would be faster and better than trying to compare different sized bills, as I sometimes have to do with pennies and nickels, as to me, they feel very similar.

A Phillippi - on the Internet

Yes it is worth the price and more. I got mine yesterday, and I can't speak to highly of this fine product. It took about 8 weeks to get. But, believe me; it is well worth the wait to have this fine little gadget in your hands.

Angel (Blind Tech)

It is really small, about half the size of a pack of sigs.I have a Note Teller II and a voice mate or what ever that unit that does recordings poorly. The IBill is more accurate than both of these units. I got mine for $99.

Gator, on the Internet

It is called the iBill and is marvelous.

D.Hansen, on the Internet

I have an IBill. It's great. Well worth the money. It's read everything I've thrown at it, even worn and crumpled bills. I used to never use cash because it was such a hassle to keep track of what I had. I have no issues now and am happily using cash once again.

Bunny, on the Internet

I love my iBill! I got one!

Anonymous, on the Internet

It actually reads bills when they're crumpled or warn? Awesome!

Tiffanitsa, on the Internet

Love love love my IBill! I can't find one single bad thing to say about it!

G Zoner, on the Internet

I for one appreciate information such as this. Until I can identify my own money tactually, VI consumers need as many choices as possible, and this sounds like a good one.

S Styron, on the Internet

It looks like the wildly popular IBill talking bank note identifier is finally available directly from its manufacturer, Orbit Research. It looks like they are accepting orders rather than placing customers on a waiting list, so they are probably ready to be shipped. I just received mine from Handy Tech after waiting almost two months, and I must say, the wait was well worth it. This currency identifier is superior to any other similar product on the market. In a side-by-side comparison with my Note Teller 2, which is three times the size of the IBill, the IBill was able to correctly identify the most worn-out or crumpled up bills I could feed it, while the Note Teller almost always failed to identify the same bills. This is truly a great product at a reasonable price ($99). You can order one directly from Orbit Research, or from a few third-party vendors like Handy Tech North America, Speak to Me and Bay Area Digital. Before ordering, it would be a good idea to call the seller first to check availability.

G Levy, on the Internet

Ö. I have one of the expensive units, $300. It is not as accurate as I would like it to be, but better than not having it at all. This new unit will identify money for me (if it does what it says) until my life is almost over when identifiable currency is printed. Until then, I want my additional independence of knowing which bills are which now, not in ten or fifteen years.

K Metz, on the Internet

I just wanted to let you know the iBill arrived today, and I thank you!!! It's so little! Although I'd read the measurements of the unit, I was still surprised when I saw it. It's perfect for carrying in oneís purse or pocket. Just perfect. It is very easy to use, even for someone like me who has a lot of hand problems. I love the fact that the buttons are on both sides of the unit, and accomplish the same tasks. This makes it easy for both right-handed and left-handed users. (We left-handers seldom get such a break!) The announcement modes are great: Words, tones or vibrations. The vibrations will mean that the deaf-blind community can use this unit; I am happy on their behalf. I don't have a mini-disk player, so can't play the recording that came with the unit. The User's Guide doesn't scan very well, so I tried going to, but there is no User's Guide there. There is a brochure, and I tried doing the download for the text version, but nothing happened. It's not really an issue for me, as I can use the Option to get the information I need, but you may want to fix the download button for others who may need to download the User's Guide. I am very, very happy with the iBill, Carla, and so very pleased that you were able to send one to me, and that it arrived on Christmas Eve! The timing was perfect, for I'd just taken my guide dog out and was returning to the building when the FedEx guy arrived. Happy holidays, and thank you for such great service and a great little product!

J Chambers, on the Internet

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