The Canadian Bank Note Reader (BNR) is one of many items available in the suite of accessible options offered by The Bank of Canada. The BNR talks and vibrates to identify paper money for individuals who are blind, deaf-blind or who have low vision. It recognizes bill denominations currently in circulation – including polymer bills – and those expected to enter into circulation in the next few years. Settings include voice output tone, volume control, vibration and voice language (either English or French).

The Canadian Bank Note Reader has an ergonomic design that is compact and easy to use and includes a standard headphone jack. Such design features as high contrast colouring in key areas and rubber grips and padding make for a well thought out, easy to use tool for people living with vision loss. The Canadian Bank Note Reader is distributed at no charge by CNIB to people living with vision loss who find distinguishing between bank notes difficult, and comes with a protective pouch with a Velcro panel and bilingual instructions available in braille, large print and audio format. A nine volt alkaline battery is also included.

*Canadian Bank Note Reader is available with Canadian Currency support