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Orbit Reader Localization Download

///Orbit Reader Localization Download
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Complete Package:OR20 – Localization Package vB0.00.00.27r00
Contains Locale Sample organization files, Localization Excel file , Localization User Guide and Read Me files 

Individual Files:locale Contains sample localization files

Language .Loc File .Lan File
Arabic .OR20-ar-QA .OR20-ar-QA
German .OR20-de-DE .OR20-de-DE
Spanish .OR20-es-ES .OR20-es-ES
French .OR20-fr-FR .OR20-fr-FR
Hebrew .OR20-he-IL .OR20-he-IL
Portuguese .OR20-pt-BR .OR20-pt-BR



If you wish to share your localization files with others, send your files to us at We will upload your files on our website for others to
download. Go through “Orbit Reader 20 – Localization User Guide” to find out
how to create localization files