Announcing the Orbit Reader Q20 and the Orbit Reader Q40 braille displays with QWERTY keyboards.   

Upgrade your Orbit Reader 20 to Orbit Reader 20 Plus

//Upgrade your Orbit Reader 20 to Orbit Reader 20 Plus

Upgrade your Orbit Reader 20 to Orbit Reader 20 Plus


  • The Orbit Reader 20 Plus offers all the features of the revolutionary Orbit Reader 20, including a book reader, editor and the ability to connect to a smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or USB and access all applications.
  • In addition, it provides new features for productivity and convenience such as onboard translation to and from braille in over 40 languages, a clock with alarms, a calendar and a calculator.
  • You can either buy a new Orbit Reader 20 Plus unit or Can order an Upgrade for your current Orbit Reader 20 unit.

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If you are ordering from outside the US, for volume discounts or to become a distributor please contact us at



The Process:

  1. Once you place the order, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email account with the order number.
  2. Ship your Orbit Reader 20 unit to us, with the Order number marked on the package.
  3. We recommend packaging it properly and insuring the shipment
  4. We will upgrade the unit by swapping the motherboard and making the internal modifications to the enclosure that is necessary to accommodate the new motherboard.
  5. We estimate it will take between 3 and 5 days to ship the upgraded unit back to you
  6. If there are other things that need service, please let us know and we will provide an estimate for the repair and once you have approved, it can be done while we are upgrading the unit.


Orbit will offer a warranty of one additional year on manufacturing defects related to the motherboard upgrade. The original warranty (standard or extended) will apply to the other parts of the unit.  If the unit has over one year of warranty coverage remaining due to an extended warranty, it will apply to the motherboard also – i.e. the motherboard will be covered by whichever is longer – the original warranty or the new warranty for the upgrade.

For any further questions, please contact us at

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