Country Distributor
Australia Vision Australia
Brazil Tecnovisão
China Tong Qi Ming Technology Development Co., LTD
Canada Canadian Assistive Technologies Ltd.
Canada Micro Assistive Tech Inc.
Canada Special Needs Computers
Denmark V.I. Data
Egypt SPI Access
Finland Aviris, PO Box 31, 00030 IIRIS
France Access Solutions
France Ceciaa
France The Valentin Haüy Association
Germany FluSoft
Greece EnLogic
Hong Kong Hong Kong Blind Union
Hungary Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ)
Ireland NCBI 
Israel Let’s Talk
Japan Amedia Corporation
Kenya Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa
Lebanon CyberTech
Luxembourg Lux Basse Vision
Malawi Malawi Union of the Blind
Malaysia National Council For The Blind
Mauritius Global Rainbow Foundation
Mozambique ACAMO
Nepal Nepal Association of the Blind
New Zealand Blind Low Vision NZ – Formerly known as Blind Foundation
Norway Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted
Poland LUMEN
Portugal Sertec – Tecnologia Acessível
Romania Altix Vision SRL
Russia Elita Group
Slovakia Tyflocomp s.r.o.
South Africa Edit Microsystem
South Africa Sensory Solutions
Sri Lanka Access To Success
Thailand The Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand
Turkey EMO Ltd
UAE Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired
USA Maxi-Aids
USA GuideLights and Gadgets, Inc.
USA A T Guys
USA National Federation of the Blind, Independence Market
USA The Low Vision Store
Indonesia PT Foyer Media