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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions 

Software Packages and drivers:


Useful software tools (Third party):

  • BrailleBlaster™ is a full-featured transcription software package for creating quality formatted braille.
  • DAISY™ Pipeline provides a comprehensive solution for converting text documents into accessible formats, including braille PEF (Portable Embosser Format).
  • Send to Braille is a shortcut that adds braille to the Windows® Send To menu, which can convert files on your computer into unformatted BRL (Braille Ready Format) files.
  • Biblos is a free software tool that combines the worlds of Word processing and Braille translation.
  • EasyConverter Express is affordable and simple to use, converting Word documents to accessible information on demand and in seconds.
  • Pandoc is very famous for converting files from one markup format into another.
  • Easy converter helps you edit, translate various input document types.
  • Duxbury – DBT is widely used braille translation software with maximum braille language support.
  • Sao Mai Braille (SMB) is a rich text editing and Braille translation software.

Audio Tutorials in Spanish

File Format Conversion Programs

  • Codex Can be used to convert epub file to plain text so that it can be read on Orbit Reader 20