I recently purchased an orbit reader 40 and am enjoying it so far.

Chris Westbrook

I’m very happy with it! I’m leaving it alone to charge for a bit, but just set a date and time and learned to use the calculator. Also, set up my profiles. I really love the haptic feedback, as my ears have gotten a little untrustworthy with moderate hearing loss + hearing aids. I’m looking forward to learning more about it. I’ve also successfully paired it with my iPod. I can’t wait to read books with 40-character lines again. It was worth waiting the month between ordering and arrival. (Ok, a couple of days short of a month.) But I’m very impressed.

Teresa Cochran

The Orbit feels more durable than any display I’ve owned. Its cells are a bit more crisp than other displays. I also prefer the internal simple structure of menus. The body of the device has rounded edges, and just feels pleasant to hold.

Christina Vining

Hello, I received my orbit reader 40 and wanted to let you know that I love the product. Thank you so very much for coming up with a solution that is reasonable in price

Melody Smith

I love the braille, I used a demo a while ago and the braille reminds of me those signs in hotels and work places in the US. I can’t really explain better than that

Sarah k Alawami

I’m blind and deaf a majority of the time from tinnitus.  I’ve been using an Orbit Reader 20 Plus for doctor appointments for over a year and an Orbit Reader 40 for about half a year at home.  I really enjoy how easy the braille is to read given that I suffer from pretty severe neuropathy.

Tony May

The Orbit Reader 40 has the highest quality Braille I’ve ever seen, and you will still get the cursor routing keys. So far, it has worked well for me, and I think it is worth the money. Transferring books via the SD card is easy, and I anticipate the device lasting longer than other notetakers because it isn’t using a web browser that can be outdated. It relies on the phone or computer to go online and just acts as a terminal. The high quality Braile sets it apart for me.

Rebecca Skipper

I love my orbit but I wouldn’t change to a bigger one as the best thing about it is that it is small enough to fit in to my handbag and easy to hold in my hand. A bigger unit would lose that for me. If I ever won the lottery I would like a Muti-line but that is like a sighted person wanted a top of the range sports car.

Emma May

The signage quality Braille is the best I’ve seen, and the team’s customer service is outstanding. They go above and beyond.

Rebecca Skipper