The pocket-sized braille keypad revolutionizes interaction with smartphones

Anaheim, California – March 11, 2020 –

Orbit Research announced the launch of the Orbit Writer braille keypad today at the 35th annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.  Specially designed to be ergonomic and compact, the product enables blind and visually impaired users to conveniently enter text in braille on their smartphone or computer and control it completely without having to use touch gestures.

The Orbit Writer weighs less than a hundred grams and is smaller than modern smartphones, allowing it to fit easily in a pocket or purse.  Despite its compact size, it provides an ergonomic Perkins-style braille keyboard. and also includes a cursor keypad for navigation and complete control of the smartphone or computer without using gestures.

The device connects to computers and smartphones over Bluetooth or USB, providing an instant, seamless connection.  It can connect to 5 devices simultaneously over Bluetooth and to one more over USB and allows switching between devices with a simple key combination.  High-quality scissors keys provide smooth and quiet operation with positive tactile feedback.  Haptic (vibration) feedback is also provided for status indications.

The Orbit Writer works out of the box with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Fire tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  It can be used to read and send text messages and emails, browse the internet and social media channels, control all functions of the smartphone, tablet or computer and operate all apps.

“The Orbit Writer is the newest member of Orbit’s family of braille products.  Most of us use smartphones and tablets and all of them come equipped with a touchscreen, which is inherently challenging for blind people to use, despite the availability of gestures.  The Orbit Writer enables complete control and operation of smartphones, tablets and computers without the need to use the touchscreen through gestures and brings a new level of convenience to blind and visually impaired users.”  said Dr. Gina Spagnoli, Orbit Research’s founder.  “We are proud to continue our tradition of bringing high-performance and innovative products at affordable prices.  With support for all languages that are available on the smartphone, tablet, or computer, the Orbit Writer provides an extremely affordable and compact solution that will appeal to users around the world.”, she added.

The Orbit Writer is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides over 3 days of operation and charges in under 2 hours using commonly available USB chargers. It weighs less than 100 grams (3.5 oz) and can be attached to a lanyard or strap to provide convenient carrying options.  A custom-designed carrying pouch is also available.

Orbit Research is accepting orders now for the Orbit Writer.  Visit for more information and to place orders. 

About Orbit Research:

Orbit Research develops and manufactures innovative and affordable products that enable an independent lifestyle for people who are blind or visually impaired.  Founded with the mission to fulfill the urgent need for affordable assistive technology products, the company has introduced breakthrough products like the Orion family of accessible scientific and graphing calculators, the iBill Talking Banknote Identifier and the Orbit Reader 20 refreshable braille display that define the state-of-the-art in features, functionality, convenience and affordability. For more information, visit


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