The Orbit Reader 40 unit has a few manufacturing variations, all of which are functionally identical.  It is therefore important that you download and install the correct firmware package for your specific unit.  Use of the incorrect version may result in the unit becoming unresponsive but it can be restored by loading the correct version.

To identify the proper firmware package for your unit, you need to check the version number of the currently loaded firmware on your unit. If your unit does not turn on or if you are not able to read the version number from your device, please contact our technical support team at

To check the version number of your current firmware package please follow the following steps:

  1. Power on your unit
  2. Press the Select + Up key to open the menu
  3. Scroll down to the item “.ver” by pressing down arrow key
  4. It should display the firmware version number on your Braille display

Check the first four digits of the version number and click on the respective link in the following table to download the firmware package. Once downloaded, you can install it using the SD card method or using the Windows utility program.

First four digits of the software version number Link to the package
B1.00 B1.00 Firmware Package B1.00.00.04r11
B1.01 B1.01 Firmware Package B1.01.00.04r11