Announcing the Orbit Reader Q20 and the Orbit Reader Q40 braille displays with QWERTY keyboards.   

Graphiti Plus

/Graphiti Plus
    • All-in-one Braille laptop computer
      • 40 braille cells
      • QWERTY Keyboard
    • Mainstream Hardware and Software
      • Latest-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 laptop processors
      • Microsoft Windows 11 and beyond
    • Modular design is fully configurable before you buy it and upgradable after you do
      • Braille technology options - Orbit TrueBraille™ or Piezo
      • Processors – Intel Core i5 or i7
      • Memory – 8GB to 64GB
      • Storage – 256GB to 2TB
    • Powerful Connectivity
      • Latest WiFi 6E standard
      • Bluetooth 5.2
      • The first Thunderbolt 4 certified Braille device
    • Choice of popular ports - pick any 4 you want
      • Wide range of hot-swappable ports, Plug-and-Play interchangeability
      • Thunderbolt/USB C, USB A
      • HDMI
      • SD Card
    • BrailleUI – Braille-optimized user interface
      • Simple notetaker-like interface
      • Built-in apps: braille editor, calculator, book reader, file manager
      • High-quality Cerence (Vocalizer) TTS voices
      • Easily switch between BrailleUI and standard Windows
    • Choice of screen-readers
      • Pre-installed with NVDA
      • Narrator, JAWS, Supernova
    • Mainstream peripherals you expect
      • High-quality stereo speakers
      • Microphone
      • Fingerprint sensor
      • Haptic (vibration) feedback
    • Braille Terminal Mode
      • Connect as a braille display and keyboard
      • Operate your smartphone or PC
    • Compact, lightweight and rugged
      • 3.4 lb., 11.7 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches
      • 1.5 kg, 29.6 x 19.0 x 3.3 cm
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    • Access to any form of Graphical information
    • A touch interface to enable the user to “draw” on the display
    • Independently refreshable pins in a 60×40 array
    • HDMI input to connect to any computer or mobile device
    • Cursor pad for Navigation, and an SD-card slot
    AVAILABLE NOW! Contact us to order: If you are ordering from outside the US, for volume discounts or to become a distributor please contact us at Download the product brochure