Announcing the subsidy for individuals in India through our partnership with VOSAP. Get the Orbit Reader 20 for just Rs. 15,000 now!  


  • Extended 1-year warranty for Orbit Reader 20 plus Note: Extended warranty can only be purchased within 60 days from the date of purchase
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    • Enables teachers to seamlessly interact with blind students remotely through an app on a smartphone, computer or tablet
    • Connects over Bluetooth to an Orbit Reader braille display
    • Provides a real-time text translation of the braille being read or written by the student on the device
    • The teacher can operate the student’s braille display and view it in real-time
    • Integrated file-transfer feature to exchange classwork and homework materials between student and teacher
    • Capable of supporting contracted and uncontracted braille in English and over 40 other languages
  • Introducing the Turtleback case made for the Orbit Reader 20/Orbit Reader 20 Plus, a meticulously crafted bonded leather case designed to securely hold your unit in place. This custom form-fitted case enables Orbit Reader 20/Orbit Reader 20 Plus users to easily utilize their note taker with convenience. The case includes a comfortable shoulder strap, providing a secure way to transport your unit while in transit. The face of the unit is protected by a zipper pocket cover that can be opened or closed using magnetic closures. When necessary, the zipper pocket cover can be flipped to the rear and securely fastened under the unit, allowing users to utilize the note-taker while walking. The spacious zipper pocket is designed to store earbuds and other items, ensuring their security and protection. The case is thoughtfully designed to enable users to utilize their Orbit Reader 20/Orbit Reader 20 Plus while the case remains on. Equipped with durable black plastic hooks, it enhances security, durability, and safety. Turtleback proudly continues its tradition of creating functional, durable, and visually appealing fitted cases. Rest assured, this case is proudly made in the USA It is compatible with both the Orbit Reader 20 and the new Orbit 20 Plus units.
  • Extended 1-year warranty for Orbit Reader 20 Note: The extended warranty must normally be purchased within 60 days after purchase of the device.  We have now increased this period to 6 months as a special offer during the conventions.
  • Trade-In Offer Trade In and Save: Upgrade to the Latest Technology from Orbit Are you ready to experience the next generation of assistive technology? Orbit Research is excited to offer a special trade-in program that lets you upgrade your current device and save! Trade-In Offer Details From July 1 to September 1, 2024, trade in your Orbit Reader 20, 20 Plus, or 40 and receive a $100 discount coupon. This coupon can be applied towards the purchase of an Orbit Speak, Orbit Reader Q20, or Orbit Reader Q40.  The offer is subject to the terms and conditions below. How It Works
    1. Purchase Eligibility: Any person who purchases an Orbit Speak, Orbit Speak Plus, Orbit Reader Q20, or Orbit Reader Q40 between July 1 and September 1, 2024, will be eligible to receive a $100 discount from the retail purchase price.
    2. Mail-In Requirement: To qualify for the discount, the prospective purchaser must mail in an Orbit Reader 20, 20 Plus, or 40 Braille Display. The display must be complete, and the case must be intact.
    3. Processing: Once the unit has been received and evaluated by Orbit Research, the appropriate discount will be applied to your purchase, and the unit will be shipped to you.
    Terms and Conditions
    1. Acceptance Criteria: The acceptability of the trade-in unit and the eligibility for the discount coupon are at the sole discretion of Orbit Research.
    2. Limitations: Only one unit per coupon will be eligible.
    3. Program Duration: This trade-in program is valid until September 1, 2024.
    Step-by-Step Process
    1. Contact Orbit Research:
      • Fill out the trade-in form below to receive a Trade-In Number (TIN).
      • Use the provided TIN for all correspondence related to your trade-in.
    2. Prepare Your Trade-In Unit:
      • Ensure your Orbit Reader 20, 20 Plus, or 40 is complete and the enclosure is intact.
      • Include all accessories.
      • Package the device securely to prevent any damage during shipping.
      • Write the TIN clearly on the outside of the package.
    3. Mail Your Trade-In Unit:
      • Send your trade-in unit to the address provided by Orbit Research or the authorized dealer.
      • Include your contact information and the provided TIN in the package.
    4. Evaluation:
      • Orbit Research will inspect the trade-in unit to ensure it is in acceptable condition. The device should not have suffered from damage, and its enclosure as well as internal construction must be intact. All connectors and internal circuit boards must be functional.
      • Upon confirmation of the unit's acceptability, Orbit Research will apply the $100 discount.
    5. Purchase and Discount Application:
      • After the trade-in unit is accepted, Orbit Research will provide you with a confirmation and apply the $100 discount to your purchase of an Orbit Speak, Orbit Speak Plus, Orbit Reader Q20, or Orbit Reader Q40.
    6. Final Purchase and Shipping:
      • You will be charged the discounted price, and your new device will be shipped to you promptly.
    Upgrade today and take advantage of this limited-time offer!  For any questions or additional information, please contact our customer service team via email at or on the phone at 888-606-7248. Trade-In Request Form